There are roughly 400,000 flower species in the world. Each of them has its own beauty, fragrance and charm. Furthermore, some may not even be discovered yet. But ask anybody in whatever continent and country you might pick, they will surely know what a rose looks like and what it symbolises.

The history behind the cultivation of the flower is long and fascinating. It is believed that the rose is around 35 million years old. First, it was grown mostly in the Northern part of the globe, but later on, China became known for cultivating the beautiful flower. Currently, there are 150 species all around the world.

Roses are mostly associated with romance and passion. To make sure of that, all you have to do is visit any flower shop during Valentine's Day. Roses are typically the first to get sold out. But what is interesting, Europe is not the only part of the world that considers flowers to be a symbol of love.

Almost every culture and religion has stories, myths and legends that have had an input on creating the tradition of gifting roses. Greek mythology is a great example. Aphrodite, which is known as the goddess of love, has roses growing out of her tears. But the beautiful symbolism is not the only reason roses have become so popular in modern society.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of roses is their divine smell. The level of fragrance produced may depend on specific types of roses. For example, floribunda roses don't have as intense fragrance as hybrid tea roses. Nevertheless, they all have at least a little bit of that magical smell.

If you decide to grow roses in your garden, their sweet aroma will capture all of the areas. Of course, roses are also a popular ingredient for perfumes and home fragrances. For this and other reasons, there is nothing better than receiving a fresh roses bouquet from your loved one.

If you take care of the bouquet the right way, your roses may last even longer than a week. Always remember to keep the flowers in a cool place and use flower food, if needed.

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Taking care of roses is not a hard task. As long as you follow the basic guidelines, you will be able to cherish them for more than a week.

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